Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pub date for THE OBITUARY WRITER is tomorrow!

I never understand why books are out before their pub date, but am delighted by all the great responses I've had from readers who already have their books! Thank you!

And thank you too for pointing out a few errors in the finished copy, which is as maddening to me as it is to you. Trust me that many eyes go over the manuscript, and I'm always shocked by mistakes that somehow get in there. they will be corrected in the next printing, be assured.

Today, Parade Magazine ran my essay, "The Girls," and I've had so many emails from readers of it that I'm overwhelmed. THANK YOU ALL! below is a link if you haven't seen it:

Last week I had a terrific time at Winter Institute in Kansas City, where I got to sign a zillion books for independent booksellers, and then to share an evening with dinner and wine with a couple dozen. I had so much fun, and it was great to get private time with these wonderful people.

Fled a blizzard and managed to get to Albany for another terrific time at the Writer's Institute there. Shared the stage with Gene Mirabelli, and dinner with Don Faulkner, Jo Page, and Dana and Bill Kennedy. A lovely evening!

Tomorrow, if you live in or near Rhode Island, please come to Island Books in Middletown at 6:30 for my first official event for THE OBITUARY WRITER! I would love to see you there!

Tuesday I will be at Bank St. Books in Mystic, CT for a lunch time event. And that night Robin Kall is hosting an evening event in East Greenwich, RI.

If you are in or near Tucson, AZ, please come to see me at one of my panels at the Literary Festival next weekend.

And then it's on to Washington DC where I'll be at Politics and Prose.

Details for all of these events are on my website under EVENTS, along with many many more!