Monday, March 25, 2013

Post One: Double tooth fairy visit!

Phew! Annabelle is sitting here beside me, happily eating popsicles, minus two teeth. How to get through watching your kid get their teeth pulled? Take off your glasses! I got to hold her hand without passing out! Rest of the day: jammies and tv. More popsicles. Scallion pancakes for dinner. Thanks for all the good thoughts!

I spent a very happy weekend kind of collapsed in bed, recuperating from two weeks on the road. My aching back, my scratchy throat, my plain old tired self. Went to bed early, slept late, and today feel like a million bucks again...just in time to head to Santa Fe tomorrow morning. More on that in a minute...

I was so happy to be a part of URI's rescheduled Big Chill weekend. Friday night was a wonderful wine tasting/cocktail party held at the renovated party space at the Providence Public Library (beautiful, by the way!), followed by dinner at Los Andes, one of my favorite restaurants for paella or steak with chimmichurra sauce and a great selection of malbecs.

Saturday night was the gala at Rosecliff in Newport. Every time I go there I feel like an Astor! I love that mansion best of all of them, and eating tenderloin and duck and oysters in the dining room adds to the romance of being there.

By Sunday all I could manage was a walk along the bay in the afternoon, but what a glorious walk it was with true blue skies and puffy white clouds, a perfect view of all three bridges: Jamestown, Newport and Mt. Hope. On days like that, I am soooo happy to live in beautiful Rhode Island! Came home to a dinner of pasta with Gogo's meatballs and sauce--a perfect ending to a great weekend.

Before the dentist appointment, I did a TV interview and a talk. So I am sufficiently wiped out enough to curl up beside Annabelle and get some writing done.

Off to Santa Fe tomorrow morning. So excited that my buddy Coral is coming with me and we will get to visit our friend Mary who had the nerve to move there from Providence a few years ago. Dinner reservations are already booked for tomorrow night. Wednesday we will head to ABQ for my reading at Book Works--COME IF YOU CAN!

Home Thursday in time for my talk at the Melrose (MA) Library that night. Then it's all things Easter. When you're Italian, that's a lot!