Saturday, March 30, 2013

East Providence, Boston, Portland, Providence, Westport, Newport, York

Yes, you read this heading right. Those are the places I'll be reading from The Obituary Writer next week! If you are in or near any of these cities, please come! I'd love to see you there.

Happily celebrating Easter at home after a grand trip to New Mexico. My buddy Coral and I flew to ABQ together and had our pal Mary meet us there and drive us to her house in Santa Fe. Lucky me, another old friend lives across the street from Mary, so we all got to have cocktails before dinner at fabulous Cafe Pasqual's. The next morning Coral and I took a two hour hike...well, we got lost so it turned out to take two hours...and visited the Folk Art Museum, which was like heaven to me. Anyone who's been to my house knows about my love of religious folk art. I have the heads of the apostles in my living room, retabloes in my bathrooms, milagros everywhere. After lunch we headed back to ABQ for my reading at Bookworks. First we checked into our room at Los Poblanos Inn, my favorite place to stay in ABQ. Peacocks wander past, the smell of the lavender they grow fills the air. We shared some chardonnay before we hit the bookstore. It was a great crowd! And we had a nice little group join us back at the Inn for dinner.

Unfortunately I had a 6AM flight home, and the taxi came late, so it was a mad dash to the airport. But I made it, and made it back in time for my reading at the Melrose (MA) Library that night. What a full house! Thank you, Melrose!

Last night I made a yummy dinner of chicken stuffed with goat cheese, sides of rice pilaf and green beans, before settling in for Life of Pi. I LOVED it! If you haven't seen it, please do. the ending blew me away. Wow.

Just came back from Gogo's and our traditional Holy Saturday macaroni pastera, made with fettuccini, cinnamon, eggs and pepper and baked. It is beyond wonderful. Soon people are arriving to color Easter eggs, then we have a little group camping out in our VW Van at Beaver tail in Jamestown. We will go out to dinner first, then settle in with some excellent vino, single malt, and chocolate. There is nothing like sleeping in the van with the sound of the ocean outside.

Easter breakfast at Gogo's tomorrow. Unfortunately after that i will probably being doing my taxes. Ugh.

Then it's a week of all the cities listed above, and on my website.
 East Providence Library on Monday
Porter Square Books on Tuesday
University of Southern Maine Bookstore in Portland on Wednesday
Books on the Square in Providence on Thursday
Partners in Westport MA on Friday
Newport Public Library in Newport RI on Saturday afternoon
The Yarn Sellar in York Maine on Saturday night
Sisters of the Wool in Westport MA on Sunday at 4