Saturday, March 16, 2013

Blogging at 35000 feet

Few things make me happier than wifi on airplanes. Why can't we get it on every flight? I just got to send off all the emails that needed sending off instead of having to wait until I'm on terra firma. And I got to check Facebook, shop at J Crew, and now blog! All while I sip my Earl Grey. And all before 7AM!

I had an amazing night at Politics and Prose! Thank you to everyone who came. What a great bookstore, and what a great crowd. I arrived at my hotel at 2:30 in the morning, which was horrible. Dropped into bed, and slept without moving until almost 9:30. Had me some room service with the large pot of coffee, then walked around Dupont Circle in the drizzle before my reading. I met up with Sam's roomie's mother for some vino first. She is one of my new favorite people so i was glad to get the chance for one on one time with her. Post reading a gang of us URI Rams hit Buck's Fishing and Camping for very fine grub and more vino.

Returned to Politics and Prose the next morning to teach a writing workshop on Beginnings. A lovely group of people there! But I was happy to head home afterwards, after so many days on the road. And happier still to get picked up at the airport by Sam, home from spring break ever so briefly. He made the key lime pie for dessert that night; I made the Italian flank steak (recipe from Wednesday's New York Times) with arugula salad and grilled asparagus. Everything about as yummy as could be.

Then blissfully home all day Friday. Lunch with Sam at Chez Pascal's Wurst House (pork butt pastrami sandwich!), a visit to Gogo's, then home to the rest of the family, including Ariane, visiting from Minneapolis. Roasted salmon with a mustard tarragon sauce, an amazing salad by Sam, and Israeli couscous before blasting through three kinds of gelato: sea salt caramel, Roman raspberry and toasted almond.

I cannot express my joy at having everyone home around the kitchen table. Sigh.

Then it was up at 3:30 this morning to make this dreadful 6AM flight, but I wanted to do this Atlanta trip in one day so that I get more time with the kiddos, who both leave tomorrow afternoon.

Lots of events this week, all listed on the website. They include The Odyssey Bookstore in Northampton on Monday; The Strand in NYC on Tuesday; The Mixer Series in NYC on Wednesday; Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn on Thursday.

Now I'm going to enjoy some snooping on Author Central for book sales reports and here on the blog, which has a snazzy feature that allows me to see who reads this. I like to see who you are out there! Last time I checked that, I was surprised to see so many international readers. Oh! That reminds me! THE RED THREAD just sold to Spain!

Excited for my afternoon event at the Atlanta Writers Club at Georgia Perimeter College in Dunwoody at 1:45. Come say hi!