Monday, September 29, 2014

Some random thoughts

Thank you all for your wonderful essays! Sorry to read them in  a truncated fashion, but I think I have read all of them now.

A general comment that I did post in some of my particular ones. Try to avoid the construction of "my mother" "my grandmother", etc. Name them instead. Mom, Mother, Granny, Pop...whatever you called them. The other construction is very clunky (trust me, copyeditors have a hayday with it!)

And then, watch your capitalization. Not "my Mom" but "my mom". "Mom" is a proper noun, like a name. "mom" is a common noun, like dog or tree.

And Emily has rewritten "Accidents". Please take a look?

Lots of synchronicity this week: sapphire rings, china...

I'll check back to see your comments and weigh in again.