Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Newport event sold out tonight

But I'm excited to see everyone who is coming to the Salvation Cafe!

And tomorrow (Thursday) I'll be at Bank Square Books in Mystic CT at noon. They do a terrific (and yummy!) lunch event. 

The next couple of weeks are busiest for An Italian Wife and me, including five days in Italy for the International Women's Fiction Festival in Matera, which is in Puglia--the heel of the boot. I've never been to this part of my favorite country, so I'm staying one night in a trulli, one of the odd cone shaped structures they have there. That will be fun!

Knitting my bias blanket has been just what I need. I'm at the widest part of it, so a row takes quite a bit of time. I knit two rows at a time to keep track of the pattern, and just knitting those two rows helps keep me calm and centered during this hectic September. And of course comforts me as Grace's eighteenth birthday nears. Today I tried to write about this birthday, but just couldn't. So instead I picked up my knitting needles. One row at a time, friends.