Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rainy Day

As you know, I love a rainy day. Even when I've left my raincoat in NYC. ☔☔

And today I have to Skype this morning (can't say why) and then it's off to lunch and a movie with Annabelle, Cousin GJ, and my niece's little one. Perfect rainy day!

Yesterday I stared at the stale French bread from Saturday night's lamb dinner and had one thought: bread pudding (of course). Now I love the recipe in the Silver Palate. But Annabelle hates raisins. I considered leaving them out, but then all I'd have is bread and sugar and milk...luckily, I remembered the bread pudding I had years ago at Mother's in New Orleans. It didn't have raisins. It had fruit cocktail instead! Thanks to the Internet, I found the recipe in a flash and am making it today. 

And here's some rainy day good news: I found out yesterday that my essay on Laurie Colwin and tomato pie won a Best American Food Writing Award! It's here: