Thursday, April 17, 2014

Library Journal chooses AN ITALIAN WIFE as a fiction pick this month!

Holding the gorgeous Advanced Reading Copy in my hand. And heading home after 5 days in NYC, my spiritual home. Saw plays, met with students, met with editors, saw Sam, had dinner with old friends, shopped, and walked and walked and walked despite the rain and snow and hail and deep freeze. 

Eager to get home now, after missing my train. Ugh. Annabelle is so excited to turn 10 tomorrow, and reach double digits. 

And as most of you know, tomorrow is also 12 years since that horrible day that my Gracie died. It will be tough to get through it, while hosting family to celebrate Annabelle. This year it falls on Easter weekend. I'm hoping the distraction of coloring eggs and cooking and being with my marvelous extended family helps me through. 

Thanks to everyone who has already sent me such loving messages.