Monday, March 31, 2014

Week Two at artist colony

On a roll with the novel, despite lingering questions about whether it's any good. Always haunting me during first drafts, that's the terrifying part. The exhilarating part is waking up, like this morning, with ideas pushing to get on the page. And like other hours here, today will pass in a haze of words. 

Yesterday I had to change rooms, which was disruptive to my work schedule (as well as a pain in the neck, not to mention losing my spectacular view!) but I left the site and took myself and the Sunday NYT out for breakfast on the beach, bought fresh Gulf shrimp (they went into yummy shrimp scampi last night), then spent the afternoon reading through my 70 pages, tweaking and fixing. 

Ready to spend today on the next chapter! Only four more days here, but I think I might reach my goal of 100 pages...