Monday, March 10, 2014

Sittin' in a railway station... a ticket for my destination...

One of my all time favorite songs, running through my mind as I watch the woman making coffee here at the Amtrak station in Providence. Hurry up! 

I had one of those wake up every hour sleeps that I get when I need to be up early (4:30 today), so I'm feeling a bit like I've been punched all night. Of course, three episodes of House of Cards before bed didn't help!

Three days of recording Do Not Go Gentle, my memoir about my dad, in NYC. And one of my wake ups was at 2:08, his number. Sometimes you have to believe they are still with us...


  1. Synchronicity, yes. Like finding this blog this morning. Although I have not been on your mind, you have never been far from mine. We met gazillion years ago at Duttons bookstore in Brentwood CA. I bought your book with a visa emblazoned with an image of the Lady of Guadalupe. You liked it. I went to the reading because I was lost in LA, grieving Santa Fe, and the blurb about yr book mentioned

  2. Got cut off... The Sanctuario. That night and into the day I read Do Not Go Gentle. My world transformed. I must write.. My story. It took many years, but I just completed my memoir.

  3. More synchronicity: I'm recording Do Not Go Gentle for A

  4. More synchronicity: I'm recording Do Not Go Gentle for Audible this week!

    Bravo for finishing.

  5. I'm going to revisit Do Not Go Gentle to recall its original impact. Musing now I remember your Grandmother! Ay dios mio! And of course your father, and wonderful cousins. Growing up in Boston, my dad was also in the Navy. After I read the book, inspired, I went to Santa Fe for Easter. The Monday following, my best friend and I visited the Sanctuario, redolent with devotion. We sat in the back pew. I closed my eyes, in silent prayer, and when I opened them a beam of light shot out from a gold heart on the altar. I grabbed mi amiga's hand "Did you see that?" She assured me that she had. On our way home, taking the old road thru Tesuque, we stopped as a luscious mama coyote slowly strolled by our car. When she reached the opposite side, she turned to gaze back at us, flipped her bushy tail and then disappeared into the brush. It was good day.