Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What a winter!

I can't even bore you with my litany of ailments. But will report that I got the news yesterday that I'm severely anemic, so the reason for said ailments and constant exhaustion has been uncovered! Hello kale!

All of this has forced me to slow way down. And though I have hated canceling so many wonderful events, I'm reminded of the simple pleasure of padding around my house, or better yet, being still. My concentration level is not great, so although I am working, that too is moving slowly. Knitting, ditto. Reading, ditto. But it's all getting done, stitch by stitch. 

Luckily I didn't have to cancel my wonderful week in Barcelona with Annabelle. We had so much fun eating tapas, walking through all the neighborhoods, gaping at Gaudi, and promoting THE RED THREAD. If you go to Barcelona, you must visit the fabulous knitting store All You Knit is Love in the Born neighborhood. And watch the guys make candy at Papa Bubble. Two of our favorite finds. 

And I'm glad too that in a harrowing, nail biting journey we made it to see Sam in Pericles. This involved thunderstorms, circling, broken jetways, broken baggage carousels, contraband chorizo, potholes, traffic, a lost taxi driver, one way streets, and more. But we made it! Yay us! But mostly yay to Sam! What a show!

Another day here much the same as the last two. And I dare say the next few as well. 

But here's a picture if Annabelle and me in Barcelona on a tapas crawl: