Sunday, November 24, 2013


It is very nice to step off a plane into 80 degree weather and see palm trees and ocean. Very nice indeed. 

The Miami Book Fair is one of my favorite events, writers everywhere I turn, in elevators and around every corner. Great to spend time with old friends and to meet new ones as well as doing a little stargazing. 

If you are in Miami, I'll be at the Fair all day on Sunday. At 11, John Dufresne, Joyce Maynard and Martha Frankel will join me to talk about KNITTING YARNS. Then at 4 I'll be on a panel for THE OBITUARY WRITER with writers Amity Gaige and Kathleen Kent. 

No rest for the weary: I fly home right afterward. Hopefully I can rustle up a Cuban sandwich before getting on that plane!