Tuesday, October 15, 2013

SFO Bound!

On my bumpy way to JFK, heading for San Francisco and tonight's event at Book Passage in Corte Madera (a favorite bookstore of mine). Watching the sun rise reminded me of so many such early morning taxi rides to JFK, me in my Ralph Lauren TWA uniform, black pumps, lipsticked and scarf just so. I did the NY-SFO route often. Coming back once, so long ago, I met a guy in 47F who became my longtime boyfriend. He was moving to NYC that day, and much of my love for the city came from us exploring it together. Indian food on E. 6th Street. Wandering the Strand. Seeing True West with very young John Malkovitch and Gary Sinese. 
And memories of so many SFO layovers. Ramos gin fizzes on Union Street. Irish coffees at the Buena Vista with my buddy Matt. Crab Louis and Hunan food and Anchor Steam beer. Long foggy walks. Peet's coffee. Cucumber soap. Cody's bookstore. 
This is why I always feel excited heading to San Francisco. Memories wash over me and make me smile. Even at 6AM! Funny. I always imagined I'd live there I love it so much. Who knows? Maybe someday I will. Until then, happy to be heading west.