Monday, July 30, 2012

Eloise, Sondheim, the Library with the lions out front, and all things NYC

Oh! To wake up to a day with no humidity! Bliss! I suffered enough with humidity and no air conditioning last week that when my house turned into a kiln, I checked into the Hope Club up the street for two chilly nights. Felling very Eloise. The Olympics, a good chardonnay, forays out to nearby restaurants, the AC turned on as cold as it could go...Then: rain and a break in the weather and I returned home.

Doubly happy for the cooler weather because Annabelle and I are headed to NYC for a few days, and the thought of traipsing around with an 8 year old in humid 90+ degree heat did not appeal to me. Instead, we are getting perfect made to order weather. Yay!

Also excited to use my Amtrak reward points for free first class tickets on the Acela roundtrip. That means we will get fed and watered and have nice cushy seats for games of Uno and lots of reading.

After we drop our stuff at the apartment in the West Village, we'll hit a playground with my friend and his daughter. Tonight Annabelle will sleep at her friend's in Chelsea while I meet up with two buddies for dinner at Ouest, followed by INTO THE WOODS in Central Park. I saw the original with an old, long time beau and remember being dazzled by Mandy Patinkin and Bernadette Peters (and the beau!)

On Tuesday we are heading back to Central Park, this time to the zoo there, which is Annabelle's favorite zoo. I'm taping an episode for Dick Gordon's The Story on NPR (about crushes) and then we'll  try our luck at TKTS, the half price ticket line. I am hoping for ONCE or HARVEY.

Wednesday Annabelle will come with me to my event at the New York Public Library at 1PM for THE TREASURE CHEST. Beforehand, we are going to a store that sells kids' books in French so she can finish her summer reading. Then back on the train and home again...until Saturday when she and I return to NYC.

That's right. We have tickets to see NEWSIES on Saturday with cousin GJ. And GJ just called to tell us that she also got tickets to Skippyjon Jones on stage at the Lucille Lortel Theater on Sunday. If your kids haven't discovered the Skippyjon books, the time has come. He is a cat who thinks he's a chihuahua, and the are hilarious. We even have two of them on tape that play non stop in the car, with Annabelle reading along from the books.

If I wasn't racing to pack for NYC trip 1, I would paste in pictures here of Eloise and Skippyjon and maybe even Bernadette Peters. But I need to get moving, so please imagine those photos right here:

And speaking of kids' books: The Treasure Chest, Book Four, Prince of Air is about to appear in your local bookstore! It is my favorite one so far and I hope you and yours like it too!