Monday, July 23, 2012

Home sweet home

Why is it that every time I return from a trip away from my family my flights are delayed? Two weeks ago it was US Air in PHL. Last night Southwest in BWI. Two hours late, and all I wanted was to be at home. Ate an awful airport crab cake and had a couple glasses of pinot noir, which combined with the fabulous book I'm reading made the wait less dreadful.

That book, by the way, is THE RETURN OF JOHN EMMETT by Elizabeth Speller. Read it! I have a weird theory that everyone has empathy for a particular war, (I know we have it for all wars, but somehow we tend to especially connect with movies and books about a certain war) and mine is WW I. ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT is one of my favorite books and movies, as is GRAND ILLUSION. Maybe it's because I love the literature and history that followed that war? Anyway, this novel takes place right after WW I, and is just wonderful.

I recommend too the short story by Tessa Hadley called "An Abduction" from the New Yorker. It blew me away.

So I finally made it home by midnight, and am having one of those catch up days: cleaned out the fridge, gathered laundry, paid bills, grocery shopped, etc etc. All done happily because I'm happy to be here!

The Conference is always emotionally tough. But helping Karen Holmes to teach over thirty bereaved parents to knit made it all worthwhile. I feel like I really gave them something that can bring them comfort when they get back home.

Now I am working on two dinner parties, one small and one big. For both, I want to smoke my own salmon, so I've been comparing recipes this afternoon. Then, for small party: cold melon soup, beer can chicken, corn on the cob, and watermelon/feta salad. Dessert maybe grilled peaches...For big party: gazpacho, roasted garlic pork tenderloins wrapped in bacon, piles of garlicky greens, and maybe smoky beans. Dessert? My buddy is making three pies!

In a few minutes I have to go outside (it is hot and steamy out there) and check the condition of the smoker. It probably needs some elbow grease. But I have to get that salmon smoking tomorrow for party #1, which is Wednesday.

Was not at all glad to find mice have moved in to the kitchen. Ugh. I have scrubbed everything and wiped up mouse droppings--gross! Apparently we are catching two a night. Maybe last night's catch was the final one...

Bright striped dish cloth is finished. First Wave blanket is also finished. I'm starting a second dish rag and a second blanket!

Dinner with Gogo and Annabelle tonight. Then Annabelle and I will hit the library and come home and read. Bliss!