Saturday, June 27, 2015

This week

Thursday afternoon, just before a panel at Aspen Words with my fabulous cohorts (Andre Dubus III, Dani Shapiro, Richard Russo, Hannah Tinti, and Akhil Sharma), I got a call that Gogo had taken a bad fall. In typical fashion, she was hauling heavy bags of groceries when she fell. And also typically, she refused to go to the ER until I finally convinced her. The good news is there was no head injury. She looks like she's Jake LaMotta with bruises and lacerations on her face and shoulder and knee. However, increasing pain and swelling in her wrist since then has had her in agony. 

I slowly made my way home from Aspen yesterday, a day full of flight delays and mechanical problems and weather. After I fell off the plane at 1:30 AM, we were told there would be at least an hour delay for our luggage because they were short on baggage handlers. They were right! I didn't get home until 3!


Still got Gogo to the ER where we learned the wrist is broken. A splint and half a Percocet did wonders. I made her a pan of beef enchiladas and a pan of cheese ones and she ate up heartily. 

What an ending to a wonderful week in Aspen!

Below some highlights from Aspen Words. And under a seperate post details on two Providence Noir readings in Boston and NYC this week. 

Exhausted here. But relieved. Go Gogo!

My fabulous fiction workshop!

With Adrienne Brodeur and Dani Shapiro.
 And Aspen love with Andre.