Thursday, June 18, 2015

Noisy Birds

Feeling a bit like Suzanne Pleshette this morning with the racket the early birds are making. Combined with the racket in my brain, it looks like I can forget sleeping! That brain racket is from all the things I need to get done before heading to Nantucket tomorrow for the Literary Festival, and from there on to Aspen and Aspen Words. Packing, copying, Annabelle camp prepping, and a zillion little things filling my lists. And more lists!

But a lovely week at home after a lovely week in the Fiction Cave at Writers@Work in Salt Lake City. Here's my fabulous workshop: 

We spent every possible minute together discussing all things writing, life, food, and craft. We ate and drank whenever possible. What a group! Truly special. 

Shout out too to The King's English, the indie bookstore in SLC where I had the great pleasure to read:

Even though I arrived home 7 hours late--thank you, Delta!--I was happy to fall into bed with my favorite reading buddy:

That's the new Maurizio de Giovanni I'm reading. My latest Neapolitan obsession these books of his. 

Home, I've added more rows to the blanket I'm knitting. Happy for the decrease, finally. On the road I'm working on a paper thin shawl. 

It's been so lovely to indulge in my favorite obsessions this week: reading, knitting,and cooking. The produce is starting to shout summer. So couldn't resist making my go to corn salad last night:

It's so simple and I kind of can't stop eating it. 6 ears of corn. A little bit of diced red onion. Lots of fresh basil. 3 TBS cider vinegar and same of olive oil. Salt and pepper. Let it sit and soak up all the yumminess. 

Ive got coffee on my mind. And also how to fit enough stuff for 9 days and keep it under 50 pounds (thank you Cape Air!).