Monday, May 5, 2014

Newport, RI; Easton, MA

What great news! I just learned the Pages and the Pub fundraiser for Baby Steps tonight is sold out! Thanks to Judy and Island Books and of course to Lisa Christie from the Norwich Bookstore in Vermont who made this happen. I hope you have a ticket and will be at the Salvation Cafe in Newport tonight at 6!

Wednesday night, I will be at the Ames Library in Easton, MA at 6PM with some of my favorite Knitting Yarns contributors. If you are in that neighborhood, please come and see us. Bring your knitting! I am!

I'm finishing the Whidbey scarf from Loop Knits so that I can concentrate on my Bristol Ivy pale pink cami. This is a challenging project that makes me sweat when I think about it. Stay tuned for progress reports.

Friday, Gogo and I head to Bermuda on our cruise that she won! I haven't seen those pink sand beaches since I was sixteen and I took the money I'd earned from modeling at Jordan Marsh and went there with my friend Nancy. The flight on delta from Boston was $99. Roundtrip! Day One I met a boy (my downfall!) who was there with his family, and he swooped Nancy and I up with him on all their adventures--sailing, dining, rum swizzling. I'm excited to finally go back to that magical island!