Sunday, May 25, 2014

Back in Chamonix

After a sunny, glorious day in Lyon (including a street market full of produce so beautiful I couldn't stop taking pictures-- think white asparagus and artichokes the size of my head; a funicular ride up to the dazzling Nortre Dame Cathedral; and the best omelette I have ever eaten), we returned to our little Chamonix family. We made kir royales followed by more champagne with the requisite bread and fromage and charcuterie. Then Skyped with everyone back home. They too looked dazzling in the bright afternoon sun in the backyard. And I went to sleep feeling a little homesick. But grateful too for this adventure annabelle and I are having. 

This afternoon, our tribe heads off to Italy for an agriotourismo adventure in Aosta. 

Today, reunited with my wonderful students in our lovely cafe.