Thursday, May 22, 2014

Adventures in Burgundy

It was hard to leave our apartment in Chamonix, but the promise of burgundy--the wine and the region--sent us west for the weekend. Rain. Highway. Road construction. We'd read about the beautiful, colorful tiled roofs of Beaune, and heard that our hotel was special, so we kept our spirits up despite the ride. 

Well. Our hotel is not so great. Ok. It's kind of depressing. And far from the old town, a confusing walk away down busy streets. And old town proved to be less beautiful and colorful than we'd hoped. 

But! We did a 10 wine tasting for only 15 euro. And for Chardonnay lover me, Burgundy is pretty accommodating. Then dinner at one of the best restaurants I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. There was smoked asparagus. Amouse bouches. Pork. But it was the mashed potatoes that turned excellent to mind blowing. A foamy bowl of creamy deliciousness. Annabelle ate two bowls full! 

The confusing long walk back took the glow off though. Our hot stuffy depressing room made Cousin Gina get us a room change. The old lady smell followed us to our new room unfortunately. 

I think tomorrow's vineyard tour and visit to the mustard maker will take our mind off our troubles. So far, Beaune not so bonne. But hey! I'm in France! And we've already got enough stories from just today to keep us laughing all the way back to Chamonix!