Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Libras

I admit that when I was planning my kids, I thought about astrology. I can't help it. As a teenager Linda Goodman's Sun Signs was like my bible. And I have found it to hold true. I'm a Sagittarius. And I get along best with fire and air signs. Somehow I managed to create a family of fire and air: Aquarius, two Aries (Sam was supposed to be a Taurus, which would NOT have worked! He cooperated by coming early), a Leo, and my Libra Grace. Two of my favorite most beloved people in my life are also Libras: September 26 and 28. So Grace coming on September 24 was perfect in the birthday lineup. (She too came early, due date was October 1). September 24, 1996 was also F. Scott Fitzgerald's 100th birthday-- so all around, Gracie had the perfect birthday. 

And as I begin the march into fall, my Libras all having their birthdays, I am relieved I got through that first one. I never know what makes grief rise up and punch you in the stomach. But this year it sure did. I was comforted by family, by shell pasta with butter and Parmesan, by Sicilian wine and blueberry pie and memories of my beautiful funny daughter. 

Now the other Libra birthdays come. Saturday GJ and I will make her birthday feast. We'll make a bolignese that will cook all day. And gather friends around my dining room table. We'll celebrate love and family, and my beloved Libras, those with me and those gone. 

Fall is my favorite time of year. The chill in the air has me browsing knitting patterns all of this early morning, dreaming of cowls and cables and needles in my hands. I can see red and orange leaves in the trees outside my bedroom window. I want to cook and read and wrap myself in a warm blanket. Libra marks the beginning of all these things I love. Happy birthday, to mine: Gracie, Gina, and GJ. Let autumn begin!