Saturday, September 28, 2013


What a perfect autumn day! I've been lucky enough to have had two events on two consecutive days on Cape Cod, and was able to enjoy the drive there and back (twice!) with the gorgeous views of water and changing leaves.

Yesterday was at the Dennis Library was made even more special when I got a true surprise from an old buddy showing up. I almost had a heart attack when I saw him standing there! We even got to have a quick glass of chardonnay before I had to get back to Providence. So often here, and in our daily lives, we are caught off guard by something sad, or hurtful. But yesterday as I drove home I was all warm and fuzzy with this kind of surprise, one that you really never thought would happen and that opens up all kinds of possibility.

Another big surprise there was that they are making a brick walkway with the names of all the writers who have appeared in their Author's Series and it was really special to see my brick! What a great idea! And a great series!

On Thursday I spoke at an Author's Tea, which is a wonderful library fundraiser. i was delighted to take Gogo with me, and share cucumber sandwiches and macarons as well as lots of good cheer.

On this beautiful day, one of my favorite Libras (see last post) and I are shopping for her birthday dinner and then spending the afternoon making our famous bolognese ragu. Much food, wine, and friendship is on the schedule for this evening when we share that bolognese with a dozen other people!

I am treating myself to the gorgeous yarns from Purl Soho to knit up their Whitecaps cowl, my next knitting project now that the second Mara shawl is almost done! I think the story that goes with the pattern won me over as much as the beautiful cowl: