Monday, April 29, 2013


Well, I don't really have any. Except this one: in 1981, I had the opportunity to live in Tripoli, Libya and fly back and forth to Mecca, taking pilgrims to the Haj. And I chickened out. Ever since, I promised that i would never say no to a travel opportunity again. That is why I'm getting ready to leave for Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in a couple of weeks!

I will keep you updated on all things Central Asia. For now, I'm just trying to get everything in order before I go. Catching up on so much that fell by the wayside during the book tour.

Lots of articles coming out in the next few weeks. I think my essay on smoking salmon is in the new More magazine, but haven't seen it myself to confirm. Travel essays in Coastal Living and The Wall Street Journal are pending. I'll send links when they appear.

Excited to knit my Mara shawl as I make my way from here to Istanbul and beyond.

I won't ever again regret stepping out of my safety zone and going places I never imagined! Surely I will bring home lots and lots of stories. And a new shawl!