Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Catching my breath

I am sitting here in NYC, lovely street sounds coming in through the open window, catching my breath after a week of travel. Is it boring or redundant to say that flying has really become a test of stamina? US Air yet again put me through travel hell, and I've decided to request no more bookings on that airline. They are truly awful. Rude and without compassion or customer service training. They actually looked at a woman behind me in line on friday night and told her they would put her on a flight home Tuesday. How could someone say this without apology or irony????

But enough bellyaching. I had such terrific events in Indianapolis and at the Woodstock Writers Festival that I feel bad complaining. Bravo to the wonderful women of Indianapolis who raise money for scholarships for the Christamore House! And to Martha Frankel for organizing one of the best literary festivals out there.

This week I will be in Wellesley, MA on Thursday night at 7, and in Westborough, MA at 1 PM on Saturday. Details are on my website.

For now though, another cup of coffee while I listen to the beautiful sounds of the city.