Thursday, April 25, 2013

Home, Sweet Home

I am sitting in what we call the puzzle room (because it's where we do jigsaw puzzles) happily catching up with my life. The sun is streaming in the window. Our prayer flags that stretch from one corner to the other in this room are drooping pleasantly. I am thinking my thoughts at a leisurely pace, which i haven't had much time to do with the whirlwind publication of THE OBITUARY WRITER.

Annabelle is at ballet, but she'll be bursting through the door in about half an hour. Then she and cousin GJ and I will drive to the Wellesley Bookstore in Wellesley, MA where I'm reading at 7PM tonight. Come! After, we're eating at Blue Ginger. I've wanted to eat at Ming Tsai's restaurant for a very long time so am excited!

On Saturday I'll be at Tatnuck Booksellers in Westborough, MA at 1PM. Please stop by if you are in that area!

Exciting news: I'm off to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in mid-March as part of the International Writing Program out of the University of Iowa. Hopefully I will be able to post here and on FB, but I understand that at least in Turkmenistan the internet is spotty and/or expensive.

I've got lots of books stocked up to take along (the flights are brutal to get there!) and a pattern for a shawl to knit, as well as 5 books downloaded from, thanks to my pals and wonderful writers, Lily King and Debra Spark. I also stopped reading my New Yorkers so I could bring them along too.

But before I leave, I have one of my favorite weekends, Grub Street's Muse and the Marketplace, in Boston.

For the next twenty minutes or so, I think I'll just enjoy this sunlit room...