Friday, December 18, 2015

Yarn trucks, Knitting Pearls, Broadway

Last night I did my final (for now!) Knitting Pearls event in Buffalo, and what a way to end a tour and a busy year! If you haven't been to Buffalo lately, you must visit and see how this city is alive. Larkin Square has very cool lofts and restaurants like the Filling Station and Hearth. Buffalo also boasts one of the best indie bookstores, Talking Leaves. And--are you ready for this?--a yarn truck! Jenna drives KnitBuffalo all around, stocked with yarn (some she dyes herself):

How brilliant is that???

Now I'm home, finally. Got an immediate Gogo meatball fix then Christmas shopped and wrapped the afternoon away. Although I head to NYC again tomorrow, it's for sheer fun. Tickets to King Charles and Fun Home await me. Dinners and lunches with pals. Definitely some last minute shopping. Then Sam and I drive home on Tuesday to Christmas parties, cookie baking, the Seven Fishes, and at least one day spent entirely in jammies knitting and working a jigsaw puzzle. 

People complain about the commercialism of Christmas. But at the risk of being too Tiny Tim, isn't it in our hearts? Time to pause and cook and share ourselves with the people we love? I hope you all have that this Christmas.