Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sam Graduates!

Get ready for lots of purple here! Sam graduated from NYU yesterday and everything is coming up violet in NYC and on Bethune Street.

This is the kid who looked at me when he was three and said: "I just gotta sing and dance!" And so he did. As someone who knew around the same age that I wanted to be a writer, I admire and fuel that passion. Too many people spend a lifetime without it, or searching for it. How lucky to have it young and relentlessly pursue it!

I've sat through lots of versions of Sound of Music over the years. And experimental theater. And student written production. And scene study class performances. And Shakespeare. And auditions. And voice classes. And guitar classes. And loved every single minute of it all. 

It doesn't stop here, of course. (This summer he's doing summer stock in Annapolis, MD.) But this graduation from Tisch celebrates years of training and passion. 

I'm about as proud as a mom could be. Not just of that purple cap and gown, but of how Sam has dealt with some tough blows and kept going. Triumphing even. 

Yay Sam! I made spaghetti carbonara for his pals last  to fete him further. And more celebrating as the week continues. 

Thank you for letting me write today about my kid. (Only complaint about the whole day was they wouldn't let me bring knitting needles into YS!)

 Here are a couple pictures from yesterday at Yankee Stadium. 

Can you find Annabelle in this picture?