Saturday, August 16, 2014

Last day in London...

...don't want to leave!

Yesterday we took in the mummies at the British Museum, strolled around Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, sat at a cafe and people watched, finished up with most delicious dinner at Nopi (twice cooked chicken, corn and polenta, rainbow chard). 

It's been rainy and from time to time we change our plans. Love the fluidity of these days, our morning coffees and hours at Foyle's Bookstore, riding the (double decker) buses, stumbling upon Carnaby Street. 

Today: Borough Market for certain. But then? Anything goes. 

Lying here awake, thinking about the novel in progress, realized I went in the wrong direction. Can't wait to turn on computer and hit delete! The joy of thinking. 

And the joy of tea time! At Tea and Tattle.