Friday, August 29, 2014

Atlanta, Providence

What a wonderful Book Bash in Westhampton! Liz and Jocelyn know how to make a girl happy, and Jason Mott was a delight to share the stage with. 

On to Atlanta and the Decatur Book Festival tomorrow! 6 AM flight makes me already sleepy, but then I'll be on the "Weight of History" panel at 1:30, and hearing and seeing so many other writers that I'll perk up fast. 

On September 4 I'll be at Books in the Square in Providence at 7. If you're in the neighborhood please stop by!

In between, I made four tomato pies and three pounds of pasta with my homemade pesto--basil from our garden!--for an end of summer party last night. I'm going to post a picture of my pies, and try to also post one from Westhampton, but sometimes that goes awry...