Sunday, June 29, 2014

Waking up in Las Vegas!

Librarians and slot machines! Here at the ALA conference to sign AN ITALIAN WIFE. And sign I did! Thank you to everyone who waited in line yesterday for an ARC. 

Had a giant rib eye for dinner. Two glasses of wine. Asleep by 7:30 (10:30 my east coast time) and now awake at 6:30! I'll be on the Hot Picks Book Club panel at 10:30 this morning and on a flight home at 2. Did someone say whirlwind?

Started the Bias Blanket pattern from Purl Soho yesterday and LOVE IT! Knitters: try this one. Had to teach myself M1L and M1R (thank you Knitwitch and YouTube) on my layover in Charlotte but now happily knitting. A great summer pattern, and a good one for travel since it starts with 5 stitches. 

Sam arrived in Amsterdam on schedule. So proud of that guy!

If you are on Cape Cod, please come to the Truro Library in July 8!