Monday, January 13, 2014

Still coughing in 2014

Well. This is some flu. The thing just doesn't know when to leave!

But I did manage to get to Paris and spend two lovely weeks there, leaving behind the so called polar vortex for 55 degree weather with occasional rain (mostly at night, in a very Camelot way). Our apartment was in the Marais, perfect for walking and eating. The weeks included lots of museum visits (Rodin, d'orsay, Pompidou, Louvre, and de les poupees), food (Robert et Louise my favorite), croissants and canelles and baguettes and Comte and Camembert, French history (Napolean and Marie Antoinette), churches (St. Chappelle, sigh), wine, one surprise party, one NYU lecture, and lots of just family fun. 

Back to reality now. Could have stayed months, but a novel is beckoning me to write it. And there is the Vogue Knitting talk on Saturday with Barbara Kingsolver in NYC. Then a week teaching in FL at Eckerd Writers Conference...

And off to Spain February 14 for the publication of THE RED THREAD there. 

Here a Paris photo. Note rainbow: