Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Slowly I step

Inch by inch indeed! This pneumonia has really taught me a lesson! So so so wiped out still. And it sounds like I've miles to go still before I feel back to normal. Sigh. 

But I did get cleared to come here to sunny, mild St. Petersburg, FL to teach at the Eckerd College Writers Workshop. On Saturday I spoke at Vogue Knitting in NYC with KNITTING YARNS contributors Taylor Polites, Kaylie Jones, and Barbara Kingsolver. It was really great! Then I went to LGA, flew here, picked up black bean soup at the airport outpost of that terrific Cuban restaurant Columbia, and went straight to bed (sadly missing my old buddy Tim O'Brien's reading). 

Luckily heard his craft talk the next day, and had faculty lunch watching sailboats glide by. And taught three hours. And kind of collapsed. Yesterday napped four hours and more of the same today. 

But excited to be booking hotel and tours for annabelle and me as we prepare to go to Barcelona in a few weeks for publicity for THE RED THREAD there! This is keeping me happy, as knitting and reading have been sacrificed to napping.