Friday, May 17, 2013

Greetings from Tashkent!

What a whirlwind few days I have been having! My nomadic spirit is really being fed on this adventure, everything from the crazy long trip to get here to the daily adventures large and small. If I had my family with me it would be just about perfect. Every day I'm reminded of our family travel adventures to far flung places like Peru, Vietnam, Cambodia, and even the Arctic Circle this past winter.

But now for this adventure so far.

Got off to a bang up start by having my flight from providence to Newark cancelled, therefore missing my connection to Munich. I was rerouted on Lufthansa from Boston direct to Munich, which would have been a royal problem if my darling son hadn't been home and immediately offered to drive me to Logan (Yay, Sam!) Once there, I managed to get an upgrade to business class for my troubles. And let it be said that Lufthansa is the opposite of my hated US Air--I love this airline! Even more now that they got me to Munich in style, with delicious wine and roasted chicken and tomato mozzarella salad and a seat that reclined into a cozy bed. Ahhhh!

Also let me note that I started knitting the Mara shawl (available on Ravelry) and this is the PERFECT knitting project for long flights. You cast on only five stitches and it grows as you knit, fitting right in a freezer size zip lock bag with the yarn. Thank you, Knitting Goddess Helen Bingham ( for her own patterns) for suggesting it! And now I'm typing green, I see...

Oh! I fixed that problem!

Digression: Helen has contributed five original patterns for KNITTING YARNS, the anthology of writers writing about I've edited that is coming out November 11!

Now my formatting has gone all wonky. I am publishing this and writing Part Two...