Monday, December 10, 2012

If it's Monday and raining, this must be New York City

Seriously. If I was the kind of person who knew how to track down statistics for things like this, I feel confident I could prove that it rains almost every Monday in New York City! But at least it's a lovely warm rain with lots of swirling fog.

First off, I'm a nervous wreck. Lots going on that I can't share, but I'm all jittery and weepy and on edge. Needless to say, I am doing a lot of knitting.

On the good news front, I'm happy to report that I'll have an Op-Ed in the New York Times on Christmas Day. I'll post the link, but please look for it there after you open your presents!

Also on the good news front: this semester is finally winding down. I've never had such a truncated, interrupted semester and it's difficult! But this is the last batch of double classes. Next week I finish with one normal class, and then done! To celebrate, I have my eye on the pop up Zona store in Tribeca. This is where I bought furniture, pottery, candleholders, Christmas presents--all sorts of beautiful things--back in the 80s and 90s in the Soho store. Then one day I went there and it was gone! After something like a dozen years, they are back with this pop up store. That will be my reward for this hard semester. And also going to see the musical of GIANT at the Public Theater! If I feel really decadent, I'm going to see a second play on Sunday...Thinking TRIBES.

I must also report what a wonderful birthday weekend I had. Spent Saturday with friends watching movies and eating Italian food, then on Sunday--the day--hmmm...kind of did the same thing! But ended by seeing Natalie McMasters in concert, a Cape Breton fiddler who fiddled and clogged for three hours! Just felt all warm and fuzzy as I drifted off to sleep last night.

Off now to Magnolia Bakery to buy cupcakes for class.