Monday, December 17, 2012

Gray skies

From my bed--yes, I'm still in bed at almost 2:30 in the afternoon--all I can see are gray skies and drizzle. Fitting for the tragedy on Friday, as if the world is weeping. As it should.

It has been very hard to post Facebook updates or write anything here when my heart is so heavy. Thinking of those parents and the difficult grief journey ahead of them just breaks my heart.

Although I needed to finish reading many many student papers and handing in grades (all done online these days, in a never ending cycle of expired passwords and waiting on hold for IT help), and I like to read in bed, I admit I am finding it hard today to get up and get moving. My heart is just too heavy.

But I spoke to my mom a little while ago, and we had a good cry together. Then she told me to get up and go take a walk. She's right. It will make me feel better.

I am wishing us all peace and strength.