Monday, November 26, 2012


I always feel so corny when I say how much I love Thanksgiving, how grateful I am for so much, how wonderful it was to fill our house with 25 people and have our tables groan with food and laughter. But there you have it. A lovely lovely day.

Of course I think Sam's time at home was too short, even though it was a week! And I didn't get a day to just stay in my pjs and work on my Last Supper jigsaw puzzle the way I imagined. But, I did have a long cold walk on my favorite beach. Turkey pot pie. Sam and Annabelle time aplenty. Top Chef. Knitting. Lots of turkey sandwiches. Lots of love all around.

Now I'm in a frenzy of making up class time lost due to Hurricane Sandy. So I feel like I will never catch up, though of course I will, I always do, we all always do. Still. I'm making myself notes, losing the notes, making more notes, trying to stay on top of all these papers...!!!

But. My birthday is coming, and I do love my birthday. I love this time of year. Every time I emerge from Penn Station and begin my walk down Eighth Avenue, i hope this is the day the Christmas tree guy will be set up and that the smell of Christmas trees and cold air will greet me. Not yet. But I bet next time. My study is already bursting with presents for my loved ones. And we are all getting excited for our trip to Norway. We leave December 27, and Santa is bringing lots of long underwear, hand warmers, and mittens!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, that you found gratitude and felt loved. I hope you ate too much, and smiled too much, and got PJ time. Sometimes it is so hard to feel these things. Sometimes it is impossible. But I hope you got a reprieve from heartache, if just for a little while.