Monday, November 19, 2012

Cold, redux

Just when I thought my cold was really really gone, it came back! Ugh. Sam had me use a netty pot and boy, was that weird. I'm not sure it helped, or maybe my cold just is getting worse...

But I had a nice relaxing afternoon on my little NYC bed, a dog on my feet and a cup of tea by my side. It's pretty chilly here, so I was glad to kind of hunker down and do basic tasks like bill paying and record keeping. Ah! the exciting life of a writer!

For writers who might be reading here, I'm happy to announce that my Writing in Tuscany workshop will be held August 23-30, 2013. For details, email me at The wonderful writer Jane Hamilton will be on the faculty, along with return teacher Anne LeClaire. It's a memorable experience. You can check out the farm where it is held at

Off for Chinese food now, which always makes me feel better!