Friday, August 17, 2012

Atop Bread Loaf Mountain

Here I sit in my lovely cabin at the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, watching rain approach, the maple and birch leaves rustling on the trees. I first came here as a student in 1984 (or was it 1985?), then returned as a Fellow in 1987 with my first novel SOMEWHERE OFF THE COAST OF MAINE. Since then, I've come back to teach, and this summer I have a really terrific non-fiction writing workshop. In so many ways, being here feels like coming home. Lots of work. Lots of wine. Lots of ideas and readings, lectures and late nights talking about things both heady and silly.

This time made even better because I have Annabelle and a nanny with me! Makes a huge difference to have her here. Sam got home last night, and I am just dying to see him. BUt--big sigh--must wait until he comes to Vermont on Sunday.

For the next two hours, I get a break after a day and a half of pretty steady work. So I/m going to make this brief, read the NYT, take a cat nap, and then go to the 4:14 reading.

For you writers out there, I am teaching my online Personal Essay class through 24 Pearl Street, September 17-October 12. Go to to sign up!