Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sometimes you have one of those days, and really can't figure out why. But this is just one of them, when that old grief rises up and really knocks the wind out of you. For me, that meant watching too many episodes of DAMAGES (thank you Netflix!) and pondering an idea for a short story without having the gumption to actually begin it. I learned long ago to let these days wash over me, to not push the feeling away, and to do just what I did: feel sad, watch TV, watch the rain...

I did do a little bit of knitting on my blanket. I got the pattern for free on if you want to see it. They call it Waves, and it really is nice and rippley! I will post pictures of my progress when I figure out how to transfer photos from my phone to the computer to here.

By the way, the pork tenderloins cooked in root beer for seven hours in the slow cooker were amazing!

I used a delicious Wegman's brand of Memphis barbecue sauce, and it was quite a hit. Served it with homemade cole slaw and corn on the cob. No leftovers!

Tonight I am going to a cookout at GJ's and my blue mood had me take a strange route to my appetizer assignment:

Well, I did make a great corn salad (5 ears, 1/2 a red onion chopped, 3TBS olive oil, 3TBS cider vinegar, lots of fresh basil) which I hope redeems my dip laziness.

And I have a really yummy wine called Lost Angel, a spicy California blend. So with BOTH of my kiddos in tow and a cookout by the bay, surely my spirits will lift by bedtime.