Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dairy Hollow

Well, I admit it. This is the first time I've ever been to Arkansas (unless you count a ridiculous  run over the border form Memphis just to say I've been in Arkansas). The fabulous Crow Johnson picked me up in Little Rock and took me immediately to Corky's for BBQ. I had ribs, memphis style, which means dry rubbed with the sauce on the side.

Yup. They were good.

We arrived here at Dairy Hollow:

Like most artists' colonies, as soon as you walk in the door you feel pampered. Then you arrive at the suite and you want to fall down on your knees with gratitude. Quaint. Big. Views of trees. No interruptions...heavenly. I dropped my bags and got whisked off into Eureka Springs and the White Street Walk, which was basically a blocked off street of Victorian houses showing art and serving wine and snacks.

After that 4AM departure for my flight, the flight itself, the five hour ride from Little Rock, the wine and snacks and walking, I was ready for bed and basically just collapsed into it happily after eating my dinner (saved by the chef here) of beef stroganoff and a beautiful salad. I put dessert in the fridge for breakfast, which I was happy I had thought to do because I woke up and basically stayed in my nightie all day working. Coffee and that amazing Turkish cake (???). Reading some of the essays for the knitting anthology. Folks: it is going to be a wonderful book. I cried and laughed reading them. Truly. Then I set about writing my own essay for the collection. Suddenly, it was 5 o'clock, the day a lovely blur of words. I got dressed for the author's reception  at the historic Crescent Hotel.

It was in that little gazebo on the right.

There, I met up with another writer, Kevin Brockmeier (his novel)

and two wonderful Eureka Springs citizens, Fred and Sue, who took us into town for more wine, more galleries, more snacks. This is a fun place!

Tomorrow: author's brunch and then readings all day. This is the kind of place where you don't what exciting, interesting thing will happen next.

A lovely day. Just lovely. I hope yours was too.