Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Just home from amazing Cuba! Truly amazing. 

Spending 10 days with Alden Jones and Tim Weed and our fabulous group of writers. 
Roast pig. 
Bike taxis. 
Havana Havana Havana. 
Club Havana 7 year rum. 
Seeing sigourney weaver at San cristobal last night. 
Buena Vista Social Club. 
The dancers, the painters, the singers
Laughing. A lot. 
Crying. A lot. 
The people. 
The story. 
Palm trees and tamarind trees everywhere. 
Sugar cane coffee stirrers. 
The bus. 
The old cars. Of course. 
Mojitos. Free!
The old elevator in our hotel. 
Hemingway daiquiris. 
Well. Everything. 

Pictures are posted on Facebook and Instagram. But here's two.