Saturday, March 21, 2015

Snowy Woodstock

Happy spring! Which for me meant snow here in Woodstock NY. When I was little my mother used to have me repeat this silly poem on the first day of spring: spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the flowers is? 
Certainly true yesterday!

The Woodstock Literary Festival is in full swing. I spent the day teaching a workshop in front of a wood fire in the most idyllic setting with the loveliest people ever. 

This afternoon at 4 I'm on a panel with Jane Smiley and Stephen Dobbyns. In between now and then, other panels to attend and the streets of this town to wander. 

I'm staying at the funky wonderful Hotel Dylan in one of the most comfortable beds I've had the pleasure of sleeping in. 

On my mind though as the snow falls are revisions for this new novel of mine. Soon I will take it on a date, me and those 560 pages, and go to it--cutting and tweaking and relentlessly revising. 

This is one reason I've been knitting up a storm! I've brought a shawl I just started here with me. But below is the blanket I knit for Annabelle.