Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Salmon, snow, and more snow

Home from our amazing adventure in Norway and battling the dreaded jet lag. But memories of our time there make it all worth it. I can't write too much here, since I am writing an essay about the trip, but I will list some images and things that linger:

Hot chocolate
Big fat lazy snowflakes
The Arctic Circle
Dog sledding
A lazy New Year's Day with my beautiful family, eating peanut butter and Nutella on Ritz crackers
Dahl beer
Tiny beds
Hot dogs
Murals in the Oslo City Hall
Drunken Santa
Teaching Annabelle Hearts
The fabulous British family we met and hung out with
Playing the Name Game with them
Norwegian knitted clothes
Cinnamon buns
Reading as the fjords glide past

A trip to remember...